Submission Guidelines

  1. Submit to Devpost early - you can edit everything in your submission (write up, video, code, website, prizes, etc) all the way up to the deadline which is 11:00 AM EST. Late submissions will not be accepted, so we encourage you to submit early, and update your submission with final changes closer to the deadline.
  2. Every submission must have a video demo attached to it. There's a required field on the submission page where you can link to a video. You can upload any video as a placeholder until you actually have time record a demo. You can record a video using free software like Open Broadcast Studio, the Google Chrome plugin: Loom, or even Zoom!
  3. Don't know what to put in your demo video/project write up? Checkout this example post which has information about how to make a great demo!
  4. Definitely mention if this is your (or any of your teammates) first hackathon!! - include links to your project code if it's on, Netlify, GitHub, or anywhere else.
  5. Also be sure to include the domain of any website you registered through, even if you didn't end up using it.
  6. The judging phase starts at 11:15 AM EST and ends at 3:30 PM EST The Judging process will be totally asynchronous meaning that judges are only going to view your Devpost write-up, and submission video (which should be ≤ 5 minutes long), so make sure your submission page looks neat!! After you submit be sure to vote on other team's projects as well!
  7. If you have questions about how to submit to Devpost, drop a question here in #submission-faq (and also read the questions that have already been asked, odds are that your question has been answered ).
  8. Remember that you are only allowed to submit projects made during VTHacks 8 (and not at other events, multiple submission is grounds for disqualification)
  9. You are welcome to use free, open source libraries available to all participants, but passing off other people's work as your own will be considered plagiarism multiple submission is also grounds for disqualification.