Getting Started at VTHacks 8

Thank you for attending VTHacks 8! Although we wish we could hack with you in person, we are super excited for our all-virtual event this year. This guide has been assembled to help you make sure your VTHacks experience is as enriching as possible. If you have a question that is not answered in this guide, don’t hesitate to contact one of the staff through our social media @VT_hacks or on our Discord.

VTHacks 8 is an MLH Member Event. If you have questions about anything that MLH offers for this event, feel free to ping JP, the Coach for this event on Discord or visit If you witness something you feel is an issue, please report it to a staff member or MLH Coach and so that we can resolve your issue as quickly as possible. All participants must follow the MLH Code of Conduct. If you witness a violation of the Code of Conduct or of our rules, please report it ASAP to a member of staff.

What is a hackathon and how can I get started?

If this is your first hackathon, congratulations! You’re about to have a lot of fun, and hopefully learn some neat skills along the way. In case you are still unsure what a hackathon is, it is an event where you learn, build & share a project over the course of a weekend. If you’ve never coded before, no worries! There are plenty of resources available throughout the event and online to help you get started.

Where do I go for help with my project?

If you’re working on something and want help from one of our mentors, please post in the #ask-a-mentor Discord channel. Make sure to specify which languages/frameworks you are using in your project in the form @mentor-[language] so the right mentor can come help you out. There are also workshops hosted by some awesome companies and organizations throughout the event, so check out the list on the live site to find something you’re interested in learning more about.

How do I find a team?

If you did not pre-register with a team before the event and are looking to form a team with your fellow hackers, you should post a brief description of your interests and skills (see the pinned example) in the #team-formation Discord channel. There should be someone who is interested in working on something similar to your interests, so don't be afraid to make some new friends!

What should I do next

Get excited! This event is great opportunity to explore new interests, try new things, and network with other hackers and companies throughout the event. If you are looking for some links to start with, please visit the resources page on our live site to redeem some of our sponsor's and MLH"s great offers to hackers, and see some common places to learn if you're just getting started!

Happy Hacking!